CFO Mentoring

Role Preparation

The CFO plays an increasingly important role in the boardroom and the success of the company. The incumbent assumes a complex set of accountabilities with line responsibility to the CEO but an impartial and objective duty to the Board. This requires a sophisticated set of cognitive, behavioural and relationship skills unlike in any other role. An example of a key issue for CFOs is how to stay committed and loyal as a member of the management team, whilst being an objective commentator in relations with the Non-Executives. These vital skills can be honed by mentoring and CMi has developed bespoke programmes for future or recently appointed Chief Financial Officers.

Mentoring for CFOs often encompasses such topics as: dealing with the Board on issues of strategy, crisis management, information flow and control; relationships with the Non-Executive Directors; relationship with the CEO in the boardroom and outside; relationship with the Audit Committee chair and members; the external and internal audit function; interaction with investors, analysts and media; portfolio issues: M&A opportunities, hostile takeover bids, welcome and unwelcome approaches from competitors, private equity and investment bankers; and building valuable networks.

Many of CMi’s Chairmen Mentors are former CFOs of large international companies, with listings in Europe and the US, and have substantial ¬†experience and wisdom to share.