Board/Executive Committee Mentoring

Senior Executive Development

Overseeing the nurturing, retention and motivation of the small group of fast track executives, who figure prominently in the CEO succession plan, is a Board-level responsibility. This top tier of individuals - destined to be leaders of the future - have to be stretched with increasingly demanding assignments to assess their suitability for expanded roles and main Board appointments.

CMi's bespoke Board/Executive Committee Mentoring programme has been developed for those 'almost CEO level' executives who must be retained, nurtured and are considered worthy of significant investment.

The executive is partnered with one or two of our Chairmen Mentors with a view to furthering their ability to decipher the unwritten codes of best practice boardroom behaviour, assuming the consequences of moving to higher impact roles and transitioning from managing to influencing with regards to their leadership style.

They are also invited to discuss issues pertaining to their current executive roles on a completely confidential basis; issues they would perhaps feel uncomfortable raising with their own management/board.

The programme usually has two principal objectives - how to succeed in the current role, whilst also being prepared for the next, be it Executive or Non-Executive.

Sylvie Gregoire, Non-Executive Director, Novo Nordisk AS

“Being able to discuss the challenges of a new role with an independent Mentor adds real value and focus. My Mentor at CMi gave me space to test and weigh ideas, the feedback was direct - based on years of experience and wisdom – and very much tailored to situations he suggested applicable solutions. The CMi network is unique, extensive and international.”

Many companies have concluded that a Non-Executive Directorship on an appropriate non-competing Board is an effective way to groom their most valuable talent for further promotion. The executive will be exposed to new business models, new markets and the public arena. At the same time they discover how other companies are run from a Board perspective and gain access to high-level networks. Invariably, it will also help individuals to interact more effectively with their own Board. 

For those actively seeking a Non-Executive Directorship on a reputable European companyʼs Board, CMi can facilitate and multiply relevant appointment opportunities and prepare Mentees very effectively for the recruitment process. CMi alumni have been very successful in securing Board roles, both within and outside their existing corporate employer.

But whether or not this ultimately results in a Non-Executive Director appointment, the personal development resulting from the mentoring experience will be of considerable value both to the individual and the sponsoring company.