CMi Annual Mentors' Meeting

We invite all of our 60 Chairman Mentors (based across 15 time zones) to an annual weekend gathering, where mentoring experiences are shared, learnings take place and important relationships are forged.

CMi's purpose is to create authentic, current and relevant experiences for our Mentees. Our Chairmen are amongst the most successful business leaders in the world and they themselves never stop learning. Having pioneered mentoring at C-suite and board-level at large international companies for 15 years, we remain thought leaders in the subject and CMi's Annual Mentors' Meeting is a key event in our calendar.

The meetings are off-site and held in the strictest confidence to allow for a meaningful exchange of ideas and best practice between our Mentors and a few selected CEOs, who have personal experience of being mentored through CMi. We put into practice our principle of 'the irreplaceable value of experience' to ensure we continue to deliver relevant sounding-board conversations, within a tried and tested framework, across the world.

The Annual Mentors' Meeting ensures that CMi is not only a group of impressive Chairmen, but a real community of business leaders who share a common committment to mentoring at the top.