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Chairman Mentors International 7
CMi has provided independent external mentoring for over 160
Chairmen CEOs and CFOs
Mentoring for CFOs
often encompasses dealing with:
• the Board on issues of strategy
• relationships with the the CEO the the Executive Executive team and Non-Executives • interaction with investors analysts and the media
• portfolio issues CFO MENTORING
The CFO assumes a a a a complex set of accountabilities with line responsibility to the CEO but also an an impartial and objective duty to the Board This requires a a a a a a a a sophisticated mix of cognitive behavioural and relationship skills unlike any other role A key issue for CFOs
is is how to stay committed and loyal as a a a a a a a a member of the management team while being an objective commentator in in relations with the Non-Executives CMi mentors have substantial experience and and wisdom of this and and many other issues to share with future or recently appointed Chief Financial Officers to help them hone these vital skills Many of of our mentors are former CFOs
of of large international companies
with listings across the globe

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