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Chairman Mentors International Chairman Mentors International 79
Experienced Chairman: AEX Euronext 100 Public Sector Experienced CEO: Private Sector • 17 years of international senior leadership experience
• Multi-industry knowledge in in chemicals energy oil and gas
• Experience as
Audit Committee member Compensation Committee Committee member member Governance Committee Committee member member Nomination Committee Committee member member Risk Committee Committee member member Safety Committee Committee member member Sustainability Committee Committee member member Current Positions
Dr Rob Routs is Chairman of Royal DSM NV and Non-Executive Director of ATCO Ltd He is Emeritus Member of the Economic Development Board of Singapore International Advisory Council Industry Knowledge
Rob has substantial experience
in in in the refining and chemical industry with a a strong focus on on operational safety and sustainable operations to reduce the the industry’s impact on on the the environment Rob has spent most of his working life with Royal Dutch Shell Group and during his career he he was responsible for the global refining chemical marketing trading and renewable businesses He became President and CEO of Shell Canada Products Ltd in 1996 and transferred 3 years later to to The Hague to to lead Shell International’s Research and Technology Services Group After Shell acquired Texaco’s ownership in Equilon Enterprises LLC in in Houston in in 2002 he he he became the President and CEO of Shell Oil Products US and was appointed Executive Director Downstream and a a a member of the Board of Royal Dutch Shell in 2004 He added direct accountability for oil sands mining and coordinated the Group’s climate- change and alternative-fuel initiatives He retired from the position as
a a Group Executive Director and member of of the Executive Committee of of Shell at the end of 2008 to start his NED career 

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