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Chairman Mentors International CEO MENTORING
For an an an in-situ CEO working with an an an experienced Chairman mentor who has run a a a a a a a a a a large global business can add real value when navigating relationships with the Board and and owners It will also challenge and and expand the the CEO’s thinking about what the the future might hold The CEO tests ideas with a a highly experienced and impartial confidant providing a a a a a fresh perspective and valuable second opinion
The mentoring is focused specifically on on two or three themes per session in order to to drill deeply enough to to yield meaningful substance in in the exchange of views and experience Such topics might include “Relationships with your Chairman and Board members/ owners” or “Developing your leadership team and successfully delegating so the burden doesn’t rest solely on your shoulders” The mentee drives the agenda for each session to focus on on those issues that they feel are the the most pressing The programme is tailored specifically to the needs of Board-level Executives enabling the CEO to benefit from structured personalised and confidential meetings with a a mentor who has extensive and tested experience leading large global businesses CMi’s mentor roster includes formers CEOs of of some of of the world’s largest companies
“The quality of the CMi mentoring conversations is unrivalled The The opportunity to to exchange thoughts with people who have been there before is extremely valuable for me ” Marco Alvera CEO Snam SpA

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