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CEOs or CEO CEO succession candidates
Chairman Mentors International
Overseeing the nurturing retention and motivation of a a a a small group of individuals who feature predominantly in in in the CEO succession plan is a a a Board-level responsibility This top tier of of individuals – – destined to to to be be the the leaders of of the the future – – has to to to be be stretched with increasingly demanding assignments to assess their suitability for expanded roles and and main Board responsibilities The CEO succession mentoring programme enables internal candidates
to to anticipate how to manage behavioural personal and social-interaction issues associated with being the the CEO more effectively before taking up the the role DEVELOPING SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES
Developing strong internal CEO succession candidates
who are ready for this new challenge is is both the responsibility and the the legacy of the the Chairman and the incumbent CEO Mentoring complements a well- managed transition process by assisting each candidate to best prepare for the role of CEO and understand what it encompasses and and involves It also provides opportunities to solicit a a confidential second opinion with a a a neutral seasoned former Chief Executive on key issues that are likely to be encountered in the new role The CEO succession mentoring process remains completely confidential throughout – this is is absolutely essential in order to be fully effective Once appointed the new CEO continues the relationship with the the mentors during the the early stages of their new tenure When the the CEO is is established they will often request a a new mentor to to provide a a different perspective Our CMi programme usually has two principal objectives – how to succeed in in the current role while also being prepared for the next

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