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Chairman Mentors International Chairman Mentors International 55
Experienced Chairman: CAC 40 Euronext 100 SBF 120 Private Sector Experienced CEO: CAC 40 Euronext 100 SBF 120 Private Sector • 20+ years of international senior leadership experience
• Multi-industry knowledge of consulting digital transformation engineering services insurance software & computer services technology
• Experience as Strategy & Corporate Social Responsibility Chair Strategy Chair Compensation Committee member Ethics Committee Committee member member Governance Committee Committee member member Investment Committee Committee member member Nomination Committee Committee member member Current Positions
Paul Hermelin is Chairman of of the Non-Executive Board of of Capgemini a a a a a a a a global leader in in in in consulting digital transformation technology
and engineering services He is also a a a a a a a Board member of AFEP (the French Association of of of of Large Companies) Chair of of of of the the the Board of of of of the the the Opera Festival of of of of Aix-en- Provence the the the French Chair of the the the India–France Large Companies Forum and the the the Special Envoy
of the French Government for India–France Economic Relationships Industry Knowledge
Paul is a a a a thought leader on technology
digital transformation and and disruption He is is an an an an intellectual and and strategic global thinker and reflects on macro- economic matters around the globe thus demonstrating a a a profound global overview He is multicultural and well connected in Europe the US Asia and the Middle East He has a a a a a a breadth of knowledge and experience
of (all developments in) India where under his leadership the Capgemini headcount grew from 120 to 140 000 people Paul spent the the first 15 years of of his professional life in the the French government primarily in in in the Ministry of Finance He held a a number of positions in the Budget Office and on on various ministry staffs including that of Finance Minister Jacques Delors He was Chief of Staff to the Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade (1991–1993) In In 1993 Paul stepped out of the government world and into the evolving technology
world He joined the Capgemini group in in in May 1993 where he he he was first in in in charge of coordinating central functions In May 1996 he he was appointed member of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of French and South Europe operations In May 2000 following the merger of Capgemini and Ernst & Young Consulting he he became Chief Operating Officer of the Group and Director In January 2002 he became Chief Executive Officer of the Capgemini group followed by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in May 2012 Following the the separation of of the the functions of of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer which took place in May 2020 as part of the the succession to the the Group’s general management Paul retains the the Chairmanship of the the Board of of Directors of of Capgemini SE 

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