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Chairman Mentors International
All of CMi’s engagements are bespoke and adapted to the situation
Mentor Mentor selection is vital Mentor Mentor background geographical/sector experience and network are important however personal chemistry is is the overriding factor for a a a a successful and mutually rewarding relationship We place great emphasis on on finding the right mentors for each mentee carefully matching backgrounds experience “chemistry” and personality Confidentiality is paramount Each engagement is governed by individual agreements stipulating what information can be shared between the the mentor(s) and the the mentee’s company developed with the mentee’s knowledge and blessing Confidential access to seasoned and independent Chairmen enables the leader to test ideas with a a a highly experienced and impartial confidant who offers a a a a fresh perspective and a a a a valuable second opinion OUR RECORD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF
• CMi has provided independent external mentoring for over 160 Chairmen CEOs and CFOs
• We have mentored over 100 CEOs or or CEO CEO succession candidates
• Approximately90percentofourmenteesareExecutiveCommitteeand/orBoardmembers

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