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46 Chairman Mentors International Chairman Mentors International CMi MENTORS
Experienced Chairman: FTSE 100 Public Sector Sector Private Sector Sector Experienced CEO: Public Sector • 20 years of international senior leadership experience
• Multi-industry knowledge of tech start-ups digital innovation and and transformation media and and entertainment
• Experience as a a a a Compensation Committee Chair Nomination Committee Committee Chair Audit Committee Committee member Risk Committee member Current Positions
Andrew Fisher is is Chairman Chairman of of Rightmove plc and and a a a a a a a Non-Executive Director and and Chairman Chairman of of the Remuneration Committee for Marks and and Spencer plc He was previously CEO and and Chairman of Shazam and and a a a a a Non-Executive Director of Merlin Entertainments plc plc and and Moneysupermarket plc plc Industry Knowledge
Professional experience
in in in developing innovative digital businesses and over the past 25 years Andrew has led the successful growth of a a number of technology focused enterprises both as a a a a a hired CEO Chairman and Founder He began his career in 1991 at Electrocomponents plc In 1995 he joined Thomson Directories as General Manager of Business Ventures where he he participated in an an £80m management buyout led by Advent and 3i The business was subsequently sold to SEAT in 2000 for £460m From 2001 Andrew was European Managing Director of Nasdaq-listed InfoSpace Inc where he he led the company’s significant European growth focusing on media and commerce services for many leading online-service providers and mobile operators He was appointed CEO of Shazam in in March
2005 and became Executive Chairman in 2013 During his tenure Andrew was instrumental
in in in developing and executing a a a growth strategy
to establish one of the world’s leading mobile consumer brands with over 1bn users He restructured the the company and diversified the the business’s focus gaining the support of of some of of the world’s leading venture-capital investors before selling the business to Apple in in in September 2018 Andrew was previously a a Non-Executive Director of Merlin Entertainments plc He was actively involved in the sale to a a a private-equity consortium led by Blackstone and retired from the the Board following the the company’s delisting Our prestigious leaders have expertise in in almost all business sectors and situations

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