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38 Chairman Mentors International Chairman Mentors International CMi MENTORS
Experienced Chairman: FTSE MIB NYSE Public Sector Experienced CEO/CFO: EURO STOXX STOXX 50 50 STOXX STOXX Europe 50 50 • 22 years of international senior Board experience
• Multi-industry knowledge in in in in energy finance insurance oil & gas pharmaceuticals telecommunication utilities
• Experience as Finance Committee Committee Chair Audit Committee Committee member member Executive Committee Committee member member Governance Committee Committee member member Nomination Committee Committee member member Risk Committee Committee member member Strategy Committee member member Current Positions
Fulvio Conti serves as Chairman of FIEE SGR SpA SpA (Fondo Italiano Efficienza Energetica) SGI SpA SpA (Società Gasdotti Italia) and Innova Italy Partners Srl He is à a a a a a a a a a Board member of Fine Foods & Pharmaceutical NTM SpA Aon plc the Russian broadcast company JSPC Unidad Editorial SA PSC SpA SpA SpA (engineering) Take Off SpA SpA SpA (fashion) and and Alibert SpA SpA SpA (food) He is also Partner and and sole Director of FAS Partners Srl a a a a a a a a a a financial investment and advisor company in in in Rome as as well as as a a a a a a a a a a Senior Advisor to MIRA (Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets Europe Ltd ) Industry Knowledge
Fulvio has successfully led multiple company transformations as CEO CFO and Chairman across a a a a variety of industries He was the CEO of Enel during which time he he transformed the company from a a a a a a local utility to an an international leader in power and gas through a a a a number
of mergers and acquisitions Under Fulvio’s leadership Enel developed breakthrough technology related to the generation and distribution of power including the incorporation and listing of Enel Green Power Fulvio originally joined Enel in in in August 1999 as CFO Prior to Enel Fulvio gained extensive experience
working for Mobil Oil with various responsibilities in different countries for for 22 years and for for Montecatini in in in Milan as Chief Financial Officer where he he played a a a a leading role in in in disposing assets such as Farmitalia-Carlo Erba and Himont He also led the restructuring of Ferrovie dello Stato held top management role in subsidiaries of the Group such as Metropolis (Real Estate) and and and Grandi Stazioni and and and in in 1997 was appointed Vice-President of of Eurofima From May 2018 to September 2019 he served as Chairman of Telecom Italia SpA Our prestigious leaders have expertise in in almost all business sectors and situations

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