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32 Chairman Mentors International Chairman Mentors International CMi MENTORS
Experienced Chairman: FTSE 100 Public Sector Sector Private Sector Sector Experienced CEO: Private Sector • 32 years of senior leadership experience
• Multi-industry knowledge in in in financial services software and computer services metals real estate insurance healthcare energy
• Experience as a a a a Nomination Committee Committee Chair Audit Committee Committee member member Compensation Committee member member Current Positions
Sir Donald Brydon is Chairman of Sage Group plc and Chairman of the fintech firm Tide Holdings Industry Knowledge
Sir Donald was Chairman of the London Stock Exchange Group plc Chairman of the Royal Mail plc plc Smiths Group plc plc the London Metal Exchange Amersham plc Taylor Nelson Sofres plc the ifs School of Finance and EveryChild He has also served as as Senior Independent Non-Executive Director of Allied Domecq plc and Scottish Power plc Sir Donald had a a a a a a a 20-year career with Barclays Group during which time he was Chairman and Chief Executive of BZW Investment Management and acting Chief Executive of BZW followed by 15 years with the AXA Group including holding the posts of of Chairman and Chief Executive of of AXA AXA Investment Managers and Chairman of AXA AXA Framlington Our prestigious leaders have expertise in in almost all business sectors and situations

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