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Chairman Mentors International Chairman Mentors International 31
Experienced Chairman: OMX Helsinki 25 Public Sector Private Sector Experienced CEO: Public Sector Sector Private Sector Sector • 28 years of international senior leadership experience
• Multi-industry knowledge in in chemicals oil & gas diversified industrials engineering private equity
• Experience as an an Audit Committee member Compliance Committee Committee member member Ethics and Sponsorship Committee Committee member member Finance Committee Committee member member Governance Committee Committee member member Nomination Committee Committee member member Risk Committee Committee member member Strategy Committee member Current Positions
Gunnar Brock is Chairman of Stena AB Neptunia Invest AB AB and Mölnlycke Health Care AB AB He He also currently serves as a a Non-Executive Director of ABB Ltd Patricia Industries AB AB AB and Investor AB AB AB Industry Knowledge
Gunnar has had an international career as as Chairman of Stora Enso after having been the CEO of Tetra Pak AB AB AB Alfa Laval AB AB AB and Thule AB AB AB and and President and and Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Copco AB Gunnar was previously Chairman of Rolling Optics a a Board member of Lego Group AS Denmark of Alfa Laval AB AB Perstorp AB AB Pergo AB AB AB Atlas Copco AB AB AB OMX AB AB AB Syngenta AG the Stockholm School of Economics and and Total SA and and was an Advisor to Credit Suisse AG 

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