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Chairman Mentors International Chairman Mentors International 29
Experienced Chairman: Nasdaq 100 Public Sector Sector Private Sector Sector Experienced CEO: Public Sector Sector Private Sector Sector • Extensive senior leadership experience
in in the international technology business
• Multi-industry knowledge in in semiconductors telecommunications technology private equity
• Experience as an Audit Committee Committee Chair Executive Committee Committee Chair Compensation Committee member Governance Committee Committee member member Nomination Committee Committee member member Current Positions
Sir Peter Bonfield is currently Chairman of NXP Semiconductors NV a a a a a a a Nasdaq-100 company and world leader in in automotive semi-conductors based in in Holland He is Director and and Chair of Audit at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd and on on on the the Board of Imagination Technologies in in in the the UK Sir Peter is also Council Chairman and and Senior Pro-Chancellor at at Loughborough University and and a a a a a a a a a a a Board Director at at East West Institute US Additionally he is is Senior Advisor to Longreach LLP LLP in in Hong Kong Alix Partners UK LLP LLP in in London and Afiniti Inc in in in Washington Industry Knowledge
Sir Peter served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Committee for British Telecom plc from 1996 to 2002 During his tenure British Telecom was the world’s fifth-largest telecommunications company employing over 130 000 people Prior to British Telecom Sir Peter was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ICL plc (now Fujitsu Services Holdings Ltd) He worked in in the semiconductor industry during his tenure as a a divisional director at Texas Instruments Inc for whom he he held a a a a variety of senior-management positions around the world Sir Peter has served on the Boards of 12 large international technology companies including Sony Corp and Ericsson His career has included Chairmanship of of software group GlobalLogic Inc based in Silicon Valley Vice Presidency of the British Quality Foundation Senior Independent Directorship of of AstraZeneca plc Non-Executive Director of of Dubai International Capital Capital LLC Actis Capital Capital LLP member of the Citigroup International Advisory Board Advisor Advisor to to Apax Partners LLP Senior Advisor to to Rothschild Ltd Ltd and and G3 Good Governance Group Ltd Ltd and and Directorships on the the Boards of Mentor Graphics in the the US the UK Department for Constitutional Affairs and the the Ministry of of Justice He was a a member of of the the Trilateral Commission and the European Round Table 

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