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Chairman Mentors International
is the world’s leading mentoring partner for CEOs CEO CEO succession candidates CFOs Chairmen and and Senior Executives accelerating their performance and impact Stepping into a a a a new new leadership role is is fraught with risk often requiring new new business leaders leaders to to confront a a a a a a whole new set of experiences and and decisions Behaviours leadership style and and relationship skills become increasingly important but senior leaders are often assumed to “know it all” and exposing gaps in in knowledge or judgement can feel detrimental CMi provides business leaders with structured personalised and confidential mentoring from an an international roster of leading Chairmen Each mentoring engagement is tailored to to the the particular requirements of the the company and the mentee With our prestigious mentor roster CMi is able to to assign more than one mentor to to a a a mentee which adds perspective and breadth A clear framework for an effective mentoring relationship is set out and established for each assignment Our mentoring is directed towards five distinct groups:
• Chief Executive Officers
• CEO succession candidates • Chief Financial Officers
• Chairmen • Senior Executives CMi’s mentoring is targeted at at a a a a a a a a turning-point in in in in a a a a a a a a leader’s career for example at at the time of promotion from Executive Committee to Board Leaders are invariably deeply scrutinised by senior colleagues and new leaders are are required to make far-reaching business decisions that are are often fraught with risk risk and complexity The mentoring is is is a a a a a a key risk-mitigation factor for these strategic appointments as the the counsel and guidance of an an an an an experienced Chairman mentor can make the the difference between success and failure Chairman Mentors International

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