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Chairman Mentors International Chairman Mentors International 27
Experienced Chairman: FTSE 100 100 S&P 100 100 STOXX Europe 50 Public Sector Sector Private Sector Sector Experienced CEO: Public Sector • 49 years of international senior leadership experience
• Multi-industry knowledge in in in financial services government regulation public policy
• Experience of of a a wide range of of Committees including Audit Committee Committee Chair Chair Compensation Committee Committee Chair Chair Executive Committee Committee Chair Chair Financial Policy Committee Committee Chair Chair Risk Committee Chair Current Positions
Sir Win Bischoff is is currently the Chairman of JP Morgan Securities plc and is a a a member of of the International Advisory Board of of Akbank TAS Turkey Industry Knowledge
Sir Win has substantial experience
of leading complex international committees and Boards His background spans a a a a range of sectors including banking and and capital markets finance and and government regulation and public policy
He was CEO and then Chairman of Schroders plc Chairman of Citigroup Europe interim CEO and then Chairman Chairman of of Citigroup Inc and Chairman Chairman of of Lloyds Banking Group plc He was also Chairman of the the Financial Reporting Council in in in the the UK and an an an Independent Director of S&P Global Inc Eli Lilly & & Co and and Land Securities Group plc among others 

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