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18 Chairman Mentors International
This unrivalled team of prestigious leaders have expertise in in almost all business sectors and situations Chairman Mentors International
has a a a a a a distinguished group of international mentors many of whom have run large global companies and know business leadership from all angles as CEOs Executive Executive Committee members Non-Executives and Chairmen This holistic experience gives them broad and diverse perspectives on the challenges of leading large complex businesses • CMi’s mentors have served on Boards in 61 countries
• CMi’s mentors have served as Chairmen on 175 listed company Boards Boards and 375 non-listed company Boards Boards • Collectively CMi’s mentors have held or or are holding 444 Executive Executive and Non-Executive roles on on listed company Boards • Because our mentors’ roster is extensive we can avoid any conflict of interest
Chairman mentors of 18 nationalities based in 16 countries

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