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• CMi has provided independent external mentoring for over 160 Chairmen CEOs and CFOs
• We have mentored over 100 CEOs or or CEO CEO succession candidates
• Approximately 90 per cent of our mentees are Executive Committee and/or Board members
16 Chairman Mentors International
CMi has mentored over 300 global leaders in the last 18 years Our current and past mentees are based in in 33 countries across 4 continents A WORD FROM OUR CLIENTS
Alison Rose Marco Alvera
“My CMi mentoring has been energising and enlightening and and a a a a great support and and provided constructive challenge Having two very different but highly experienced Chairmen as mentors provided me with a a a sounding-board unlike any other I could test and debate real issues in a a a a a totally confidential way that I didn’t have access to in any other forum ”
Alison Rose CEO NatWest Group plc
“The quality of the CMi mentoring conversations is unrivalled The opportunity to exchange thoughts with people who have been there before is extremely valuable for me me ”
Marco Alvera
CEO Snam SpA
Jakob Stausholm Steve Rowe
“They say that history repeats but throughout your career you are are often faced with ‘firsts’ Having two very experienced mentors has been invaluable for me me when navigating unknown terrain from significant unplanned management changes while undergoing a a a a a CEO CEO selection process and starting up as a a a a CEO CEO The mentoring process has provided me me with important perspectives and and above all an an an inner calmness and and clarity to do what I think is right ”
Jakob Stausholm CEO Rio Tinto
“Having the chance to discuss and debate issues with independent voices has proven to be crucial to to my personal development allowing me me to to really focus on the opportunities ahead ”
Steve Rowe
CEO Marks & Spencer Group plc

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