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14 Chairman Mentors International
MW&L Capital Partners is a a a a a a private-investment vehicle set up in in 2018 by Julian Metherell Matthew Westerman and Peter Livanos to focus on investments in in small- to medium-sized companies Unlike more traditional fund structures the the capital is is permanent and and the the investment time horizon is is long term and and flexible in structure with the ability to support management and drive growth where the the opportunity arises MW&L contributes to the the growth of its portfolio companies through strategic-guidance management expertise and an an an an an extensive international network Matthew Westerman CMi Chairman Matthew Westerman is the the Chairman of of CMi and a a Director of of MW&L Capital Partners a a a a a private- investment investment vehicle with investments in in a number of businesses Prior to the establishment of MW&L Capital Partners Matthew had been a a a a banker throughout his career most recently at HSBC where he he was co- head of Global Banking and at Goldman Sachs where he he led its investment-banking business in in in in Australasia excluding Japan and in in Europe the Middle East and Africa Matthew is a a a a a Trustee and Chairman of the Imperial War Museum and was recently appointed by the Prime Minister as a a a Board member of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation He is a a a Foundation Fellow of Balliol College University of Oxford He is also a a a a Non-Executive Director and a a a a member of the Audit & Risk Committee of Schroders PLC and the Global Advisory Board of Kekst CNC the strategic consultancy business of Publicis Group MW&L Capital Partners (MW&L) acquired Chairman Mentors International
(CMi) in 2020

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