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CMi personnel are all Board-level advisors of of long standing who have deep experience of of working with the Boards of global corporate clients in in multiple sectors and geographies
Chairman Mentors International
Dr Bjørn Johansson
Dr Bjørn Johansson
is our partner covering the Swiss market Bjørn is is a a a Norwegian citizen and spent most of his working life based in in in Switzerland He gained management experience in the consumer goods textile and service industries in in Austria Germany and the UK In early 1980 he began his Executive-search career as Vice President with Spencer Stuart Zurich Five years later he he started the Swiss operation of Korn/ Ferry with offices in Zurich and Geneva before he was appointed Managing Director International
Board Services In 1993 he founded his own global board advisory firm He is is recognised as one of the world’s leading advisors on strategic-leadership appointments He joined CMi in in 2015 Bjørn obtained his Master and Ph D degrees from the University of St Gallen Switzerland which included 2 years of postgraduate studies in in the US +41 44 262 02 20 johansson@chairmanmentors com Marga Hoek
Marga Hoek
is our partner covering the Benelux region Marga has been CEO of several companies in the construction sector and stood out due to to to her visionary leadership She was asked to set up and lead the Dutch Sustainable Business Association in 2010 and was its CEO until 2016 where she proved as a a a a a a business leader that sustainability can synergise with strong returns and a a a competitive position Marga holds several international Supervisory and Advisory Board roles for Aegon Redevco Bank of Montreal and ArcTern ventures among others In her her role as Chair of Remuneration and Nomination Committees she always emphasises the importance of succession development and leadership She is a a a a a global thought leader on sustainable business and related capital allocation as as well as as advanced technologies Marga has written two golden award-winning books “The Trillion Dollar Shift” (2018) and “New Economy Business” (2016) frequently writes for “Forbes” “Fortune” “The Huffington Post” “G7” and other prestigious publications and is a a a a a a sought-after inspirational speaker She is acknowledged as a a a a a global influential management thinker by Thinkers50 +31 6 10
01 33 18 hoek@chairmanmentors com 

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