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Chairman Mentors International
Chairman Mentors International’s partners are responsible for client and and mentee relationships and and represent a a a a a a a diverse group bound by a a a a a a a common passion for CMi’s value proposition and interest in in the area of leadership and people development They are all well connected at at senior levels in in in major international companies in in in their respective territories operating at at Board-level with our client firms Elin Hurvenes Senior Partner
Elin Hurvenes is our partner covering clients globally with a a a a particular focus on the Nordic A partner with CMi since 2012 Elin looks after CMi clients across the globe and has managed multiple CEO succession engagements in different geographies
including the UK Germany Italy and the US Elin worked for for 15 years in in in consulting before starting her own company as Founder and CEO of of the Professional Boards Forum which brings together leading Chairmen and women Non- Executive candidates in 5 different European countries She is a a a a a speaker at at international conferences and and corporate events and and is frequently consulted by the media as an authority on on Board diversity Her pro bono activities include the International
Advisory Board for for WIN and Partnership for for Change Elin holds an an MBA from London Business School and a BA from Oxford Brookes +47 932 80 230 hurvenes@chairmanmentors com Sara Parker
Sara Parker
is our partner covering the UK market Sara has spent 15 years working at the top level of business in in in the the UK with extensive links to the the City of London and internationally She spent 10
years at at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) where as as London Director she was appointed to to represent the the views of the the London business community on the the Business Advisory Board of the the Mayor of London (then Boris Johnson) During her time at the CBI Sara also held a a a a a number of roles including leading the CBI’s business engagement and running its offices across the UK and and as the the founder and and head of the the CBI’s Creative Industries group She regularly appeared as an invited speaker and in in the UK media Sara is passionate about business leadership and its influence on the success and societal impact of companies She has been the UK partner at CMi since 2016 and is is also the Lead UK advisor to BoardClic an international digital platform providing companies with transparent and data- driven insights on Board performance Sara is is a a a a a history graduate of of the University of of Cambridge and holds an an an Advanced Economics diploma from Birkbeck College University of London +44 7718 986945 parker@chairmanmentors com 

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