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Chairman Mentors International
CMi’s bespoke Senior Executives mentoring programme is for those senior executives who must be retained nurtured and are considered worthy of significant investment PARTNERING FOR SUCCESS
Overseeing the nurturing retention and motivation of of a a a a small group of of individuals who feature predominantly in the CEO succession plan is a a Board-level responsibility The Senior Executive is partnered with one or two of our Chairmen mentors with a view to to furthering their ability to decipher the the unwritten codes of best practice boardroom behaviour assuming the consequences of moving to higher
impact roles and transitioning from managing to influencing with regards to their leadership style The mentees on this programme often concentrate on on developing from Senior Executives to Board leaders They gain a a a thorough understanding of of what life at at the top of of a a a complex often highly regulated market feels like under the spotlight of a a vast number of stakeholders The personal development resulting from the CMi Our CMi programme usually has two principal objectives – how to succeed in the current role while also being prepared for the next
mentoring experience will be of considerable value both to the the leader and the the sponsoring company

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