Our Clients

  • CMi has provided independent external mentoring for over 140 Chairmen, CEOs and CFOs
  • CMi has performed over 70 CEO succession engagements
  • Approximately 90 percent of our Mentees are Executive Committee and/or Board Members
  • 90 percent of Mentees extend their mentoring into a second and third year
  • Formal exit interviews confirm that Menteesʼ expectations were invariably met or exceeded

To date CMi has mentored in excess of 280 individuals over the last 16 years. Today our current and past Mentees are based in 33 countries across 4 continents, here is a small selection of our satisfied clients.

Marco Alvera
CEO, Snam SpA

"The quality of the CMi mentoring conversations is unrivaled. The opportunity to exchange thoughts with people who have been there before is extremely valuable for me."


Risto Siilasmaa
Chairman, Nokia OYJ

"When I took over as Chairman of Nokia's board, the company was in a deep crisis. I felt it could be beneficial to have an external and independent sounding board, a very seasoned Chairman, to test out ideas with. I can warmly recommend this to all and a couple of years later my CEO also engaged with a CMi mentor.

There is really nothing to lose. If mentoring works for you, it can be immensely valuable to have access to the experience of a trusted and neutral outsider. If it does not work, it was still definitely worth trying."


Jean-Sébastien Jacques
CEO, Rio Tinto plc

"I have found it extremely useful as my executive career advanced to seek mentorship from Chairmen who have in many ways, done it all before. This was particularly useful as I took on the role of CEO. Having very different but highly experienced mentors provided me with a useful sounding-board to test real issues in a confidential way and get an outside perspective."


Greg Poux-Guillaume
Group CEO of Sulzer Ltd

"CMi is a unique opportunity to have regular, non-judgemental interactions with a sparring partner who has been in your shoes. Or, in the case of my mentor, in much bigger ones".

Alison Rose
CEO Commercial & Private Banking, RBS Group plc

"My CMi mentoring has been energising and enlightening and a great support and provided constructive challenge. Having two very different but highly experienced Chairmen as Mentors provided me with a sounding-board unlike any other. I could test and debate real issues in a totally confidential way that I didn’t have access to in any other forum."


Jean-Dominique Senard
CEO, Michelin SCA

"As I stepped forward as Chief Executive Officer, I was able to appreciate the very valuable link to a person with strong experience, who could instantly respond and bring a direct opinion on the different alternatives I was facing, notably in my relationship with the Board.


Steve Rowe
CEO, Marks & Spencer Group plc

"Having the chance to discuss and debate issues with independent voices has proven to be crucial to my personal development, allowing me to really focus on the opportunities ahead.

Working with CMi over the last few years has crystallised this for me and helped shape my recent career path. Through its network, I have built relationships with two hugely influential external Chairmen who have mentored me through my most recent roles by providing challenge and reassurance in equal measures. Their wisdom and experience offered in a confidential and objective manner makes CMi's services invaluable."


Jean-Christophe Tellier

"Honest mentoring is the best possible gift for CEOs. Engaging with energy and authenticity with a mentor provides unique insights which contribute to maximizing our impact as CEO. This has been my experience with my Mentor thanks to CMi"

Daniel Bernard, Vice-Chairman of CapGemini, former CEO and Chairman of Carrefour and former Chairman of Kingfisher

"The CMi mentoring is rewarding for both parties. It offers a secure environment to discuss complex questions in absolute confidence. Mentees have a unique opportunity from those meetings to explore different strategies."

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