All of Chairman Mentors International's engagements are bespoke and adapted to the Mentee's and the company's situation in order to deliver the strategic plan optimally. It is critical, therefore, to select Mentors with such insight closely in mind. The Mentors' backgrounds, geographical/sector experience and networks are important criteria, however personal chemistry fit is the overriding factor for a successful and mutually rewarding relationship to be productive.


Mentoring a senior executive, who may be on the CEO or CFO bench, is very different from engaging with a Chairman or CEO Mentee. Considering the breadth and depth of experience in our group of Mentors, CMi is able to offer adapted and bespoke solutions for almost any board-level career transition at large international companies in Europe.

Our mentoring solutions are directed towards four distinct groups:

We place great emphasis on finding the right Mentors for each of our Mentees, carefully matching backgrounds, experience, 'chemistry' and personality. We recommend that our Mentees work with two Mentors over an average period of 24 months, with two-hour sessions taking place every six to eight weeks, and a formal ‘return on investment discussion’ towards the end of the first year when the Mentee’s evolving development agenda can be captured.

Confidentiality is paramount for the process to be effective. Each engagement is governed by individual agreements stipulating what information can be shared between the Mentor(s) and the Mentee's company, developed with the Mentee's knowledge and blessing.