Having discreetly delivered the ultimate service in leadership development for ten years to some 150 of the largest companies in Europe, our programmes have measurable and proven results and are fully endorsed by leading UK and Continental European corporate clients.


Life at the top can be lonely. Making far-reaching decisions is often fraught with risk, particularly when stepping into a new leadership role. Experience reduces the likelihood of making mistakes but is only gained with time and frequently at the expense of 'trial and error'.

Behaviour and relationship skills become increasingly important as an executive rises through a corporate environment. Paradoxically, learning from superiors on the way up diminishes over time as senior executives are assumed to 'know it all' and exposing gaps in knowledge or judgement can be detrimental to progress. This is particularly true when assuming Board or Executive Committee positions, be it Chairman, CEO, CFO, Executive or Non-Executive Director - all roles where sophisticated 'soft' skills are paramount for success.

CMi has created a unique solution to this predicament:

We have established an extremely prestigious and distinguished group of Chairmen Mentors in eight countries, all of whom have successfully run large international companies.

CMi facilitates access to the broad wisdom, experience and insight of this extraordinary group of Chairmen via personalised, structured mentoring for senior executives who are on a fast-track to executive leadership positions and/or Non-Executive roles on Boards across Europe, or those transitioning towards potential chairmanship positions themselves.

Safe-harbour, confidential access to a seasoned and independent Chairman enables the individual being mentored (the 'Mentee') to test ideas with a highly competent and impartial confidant, providing a fresh perspective and a valuable second opinion. This leads to mitigated risk and enhanced performance, particularly in the early stages of a new appointment.


CMi has developed detailed best practice over a period of eleven years at optimising the fulfilment, mutual enjoyment and ‘return on investment’ associated with mentoring relationships at this level. Whilst each engagement is necessarily bespoke - and managed in complete confidentiality by a CMi partner - we have learnt to recognise what levels of loose structure and formality help expedite the development of close and trusted relationships between Mentee and Mentor. In addition we manage the triangulation between Mentor/s, client sponsors and Mentees with unremitting care and total discretion.