• CMi has provided independent external mentoring for 90 CEOs, 20 CFOs and 12 Chairmen of large international companies amongst more than 250 engagements to date
  • CMi has performed over 60 CEO succession engagements, often with two or three internal candidates in the same company
  • Approximately 90 percent of our Mentees are Executive Committee and/or Board Members, the balance being fast-trackers one level below
  • Our current/past Mentees are based in 19 countries across four Continents
  • 90 percent of Mentees extend their mentoring into a second and third year
  • Formal exit interviews confirm that Mentees' expectations were invariably met or exceeded


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Gavin Patterson

Gavin Patterson
Chief Executive Officer, BT

"When I started my previous role, I asked the HR director for his advice. My earlier experience on a board had been limited to one year as a NED for a company that was having serious difficulties.

BT was happy to send me to a top management programme at Harvard, but I would've been away 3 to 4 months. I was looking for a practical way to develop. If you are one of the top 10 people in the business, the possibility of being away for three months is practically zero.

The mentoring was about co-development in situ, not about preparation. Having the problems in front of you and sharing them with an experienced mentor is really where the value comes."

Jean-Dominique Senard

Steve Rowe
Chief Executive Officer, M&S

"At every stage in my career, I have found support and guidance through mentoring. Having the chance to discuss and debate issues with independent voices has proven to be crucial to my personal development, allowing me to really focus on the opportunities ahead.

Working with CMi over the last few years has crystallised this for me and helped shape my recent career path. Through its network, I have built relationships with two hugely influential external chairmen who have mentored me through my most recent roles by providing challenge and reassurance in equal measures. Their wisdom and experience offered in a confidential and objective manner, and delivered seamlessly alongside everyday advice, makes CMi's services invaluable."

Jean-Dominique Senard

Chief Executive Officer, Michelin

"My engagement with CMi started in 2011 as I was appointed Managing Partner of the Michelin Group.

The relationship with a senior member of the organisation became quickly one of high confidence. As I stepped forward as Chief Executive Officer, one year later, I was able to appreciate the very valuable link to a person with strong experience, who could instantly respond and bring a direct opinion on the different alternatives I was facing, notably in my relationship with the Board.

Needless to say that I would strongly recommend this opportunity to any designated candidate to a top job, as well as to any "young" CEO.

The need for a confidential challenge of the views you may have is key to help any top manager to stabilise its path forward."

Risto Siilasmaa

Risto Siilasmaa
Chairman, Nokia

"When I took over as Chairman of Nokia's board, the company was in a deep crisis and some of the media speculated on when the business would go under. I felt it could be beneficial to have an external and independent sounding board, a very seasoned Chairman, to test out ideas with. I can warmly recommend this to all.

A couple of years later, following Nokia's acquisition of Alcatel Lucent, my CEO also engaged with a CMi mentor.

There is really nothing to lose. If mentoring works for you, it can be immensely valuable to have access to the experience of a trusted and neutral outsider. If it does not work, it was still definitely worth trying."

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